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Business incubator

We promote the development of innovative projects that allow us to improve and transform our environment, through consultancy to new organizations. We are part of the Network of Incubators of the National Institute of Business, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, we created our own incubation model recognized by the Network of La Salle Universities.


Comprehensively develop entrepreneurs and competitive companies, training micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.

Our Business Incubator is open to the general public.


1. Advice in specific areas for the Development of the Business Plan 2. Advice on technological development and specialized technicians
3. Advice on licensing, registration, patent and copyright procedures 4. Laboratories for prototyping
5. Workshops and training courses 6. Alliances and agreements with support organizations
7. Linkage with: suppliers, financial institutions and markets 8. Contests / Fairs / Exhibitions / Events of interest/td>
9. Meeting room with computer and projector  
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