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Universidad La Salle - Common Curriculum Area

La Salle Experience

Common Curriculum Area

Professionals with Value, graduates of La Salle, are people prepared to promote transformation, that's why through the Common Curriculum Area, we train you in the 10 skills that define your path to success.

  • - Creativity
  • - Innovation
  • - Leadership
  • - Collaboration
  • - Sustainability
  • - Self-knowledge
  • - Communication
  • - Humanism
  • - Self-management
  • - Personal Balance

Reasoning and communicationn

Development of expression, creativity and communication skills

Humanism and society

Development of capacities and values for the recognition of the other, multiculturalism, social responsibility and professional ethics.

Entrepreneurs and sustainability

Development of skills for project management and guidance for the definition of employment, self-employment and business development.