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Ideology, mission and vision

Universidad La Salle expresses in this Ideology its philosophy and general objectives assumed in community, to give an institutional response to the challenge of achieving a more just and fraternal society.

Universidad La Salle lives its mission inspired by the Christian humanism of the Gospel of Jesus, gives testimony of man’s capacity to generate and apply knowledge for the benefit of humanity in its vocation to establish justice and peace. It promotes the formation of skills and values to foster sustainable development in multicultural and inclusive environments.

Universidad La Salle gives priority to the integral formation of the person based on its and pedagogical model; it promotes the personal fulfilment of the human being through careful attention to each and every one of its dimensions. The academic excellence of its educational programs fosters in students the spirit of research, the search for truth and the transfer of knowledge, education for life, and the use of technology as an effective tool for their professional development.


Universidad La Salle-Ideology, mission and vision
Universidad La Salle-Mission


La Salle University is committed to the training of professionals, supportive and participatory, capable of being agents of change in the local and global environment, for and from the most disadvantaged, through the search for truth to build a fairer society. and fraternal.

Universidad La Salle-Vision


La Salle University is a higher education of Christian humanist inspiration committed to social change, it has an international reference and impact. It promotes the training and comprehensive development of its students through innovative and multidisciplinary academic programs that develop, consolidate, and link the university functions of teaching, research, and extension, under efficient governance and administrative support.

Universidad La Salle-Values


Faith, Fraternity and Service: We are an institution of Christian humanist inspiration that works in community to train students as agents of change.

Integrative formation of the person: Maintain the quality, relevance, and avant-garde of our academic-training programs, attending to the potential of the dimensions of the person.

Knowledge and salvation: We intend to give social visibility to the production and generation of scientific and humanistic knowledge, for the common good.

Social responsibility: Our educational project trains students to respond to the development needs of humanity with support and social innovation.

Respect: Get rid of individualism, be inclusive, tolerant, committed, supportive and participatory.

Inculturation and plurality: We form citizens without borders, where freedom and diversity are the opening to dialogue.

Justice and peace: La Salle contributes to building a more equitable and harmonious society.

Transcendence of humans: To form a conscience in the person as an unrepeatable being with inalienable rights that strengthen their dignity.

Search for the truth: With conviction and ethics through professional and personal training for social evangelization.