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Universidad La Salle -  La Salle Experience

La Salle Experience

Get to know our accreditations, the common curricular area and the neighborhood that surrounds La Salle University. We are distinguished by academic and administrative quality.

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Universidad La Salle - Common Curriculum Area

Common Curriculum Area

Professionals with Value, graduates of La Salle, are people prepared to promote transformation, that's why through the Common Curriculum Area, we train you in the 10 skills that define your path to success.

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Universidad La Salle - Accreditations


At La Salle we prepare you so that your great ideas become possible futures, our undergraduate and graduate programs are cutting-edge programs and are recognized for their quality and academic excellence with a humanistic approach.

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Universidad La Salle - University Neighborhood

University Neighborhood

#CampusLaSalle is located in La Condesa, considered the Soho of Mexico City, standing out for its multicultural, international, artistic and recreational environment, the right space for the La Salle University District.

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Universidad La Salle - Community For Life

Community For Life

Being a Lasallian is an experience that never ends. At La Salle we maintain contact with our Professionals with Value, making our motto Indivisa Manent valid, that is, what is united, remains.

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Universidad La Salle - Integral Formation

Integral Formation

La Salle's educational model encourages the personal and professional development of each one of the members of the University Community, through six dimensions, we prepare our students to face the present and future challenges of their lives.

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Universidad La Salle - Ideas That Transform

Ideas That Transform

At La Salle we promote the transformation of society and the construction of a better world for all. To do this, we create an ecosystem that fosters social entrepreneurship, so that great ideas become possible futures.

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Universidad La Salle - Internationalization


La Salle is a global network for education, research and innovation. Students have the opportunity to integrate into global culture and internationalize their academic training.

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Universidad La Salle - Educational Model

Educational Model

The Educational Model of La Salle University favors the Comprehensive Education of those who make up the university community.

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Universidad La Salle - Student Life Plan

Student Life Plan

We encourage our students to turn their career into a personal and professional life project.

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Universidad La Salle - Social Transformation

Social Transformation

Nuestro modelo educativo humanista nos motiva a provocar un impacto positivo en la sociedad. El conocimiento generado en La Salle es completamente enfocado en una necesidad real de la sociedad.

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