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Universidad La Salle - Integral Formation

La Salle Experience

Integral Formation

Comprehensive training

The educational model of La Salle promotes the personal and professional development of each one of the members of the University Community, through six dimensions, we prepare our students to face the present and future challenges of their lives.


With programs of academic excellence and a humanistic approach, our students acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities for professional development.

Art and Culture

Through artistic programs and workshops, shows and exhibitions, our students discover their artistic self and the ability to express themselves and communicate with the environment.

Body and Mind

With physical education programs, the practice of more than 10 sports disciplines, medical, nutritional and psychological care, we promote healthy lifestyles and seek harmonious care. nico of the person.

Social Responsibility

The plans and study program have an ethical and social orientation, so that each student assumes their commitment to others and the preservation of the planet.

Through volunteer programs and social action, students broaden their professional horizons and put their knowledge into practice in the service of others.


The Professionals with Value, graduates of La Salle, are people prepared to promote transformation, that is why through the Common Curriculum Area, we train our students in the 10 basic skills and fundamental values ??for personal and professional development.


Faith and transcendence

Through programs and workshops that promote faith-science dialogue, we experientially promote the development of the spiritual dimension of the person from Christian humanism, with deep respect for the profession of faith of each student.